The Pixie Project

November 5, 2019
The Pixie Project logo

The Pixie Project is a nonprofit located in Portland, Oregon dedicated to helping animals find their forever homes. During the spring of 2019, I worked with a colleague to create various outputs for The Pixie Project in order to improve their external communications, from op-ed’s to canned press releases. Provided below are three examples that showcase some of my work for The Pixie Project.

My colleague and I wrote an op-ed for The Pixie Project on behalf of their development director.  This was in an effort to connect the non-profit with a bigger societal issue – in this case, homelessness.

We also wrote a fun feature story about National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and how The Pixie Project is a big part of the adoption conversation in Portland.

Finally, we provided The Pixie Project with a canned press release. The nonprofit receives many charitable donations and grants so this press release was pre-written ahead of the next grant they might receive.

Download writing samples here: