Baby T-Rex Farms

November 5, 2019

Baby T-Rex Farms is a new small business based in New Orleans, Louisiana that offers cut flowers, floral designs, microgreens and edible flowers. I worked with a colleague in the spring of 2019 to help build Baby T-Rex Farms’ messaging at the ground level, starting with basics like a master narrative, a typical user persona and a social media toolkit. Baby T-Rex Farms is such a new business that there was very little existing messaging to pull from, so our goal was to help them find their voice and their place in the industry.

The master narrative was essential to better help Baby T-Rex Farms understand their overarching brand promise. It served as a guiding story and could be referenced at later times.

My colleague and I also created a persona for the client. Using Claritas PRIZM, we identified a segment in New Orleans for our persona, conducted an interview with someone locally that fit the segment and created a potential user persona for Baby T-Rex Farms.

Finally, we created a social media toolkit to help boost Baby T-Rex Farms’ social media presence. This toolkit included a social media campaign called #FLOWERSare, key messages, approved hashtags, and seven sample posts.

Download writing samples here: