#diversity is a mock Issue Management Plan created for Netflix by myself and a research partner. After conducting research, we foresaw that Netflix could potentially have an opportunity to diversity both its staff and the casts of its original content. This plan, written as if we work for PR agency Edelman, identifies and analyzes the issue and provides three strategies to address it. I served as a researcher and copywriter for this project.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:” The Gang Gets Analyzed

This strategic analysis looked at the social media campaign prior to and during season 13 of the television show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Alongside a colleague, I collected and analyzed social media data over a three-month period and combined my written and visual skills to display our findings in a comprehensive and easy-to-read format. The online version of the report, featuring content from social media, can be found here.

Girl Power Marketing Proposal

This marketing proposal was created to increase sales for Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches, as well as improve brand image in general. Girl Power Marketing created a comprehensive and visually appealing report, outlining the situational analysis, research, creative mockups, media breakdowns, and an evaluation. I served as the Project Manager and aided in the content creation.

Media Portrayals of Powerful People

This capstone research project focused on representations of power in the media and the potential effects this can have on impressionable children. The aim of the project was to educate eighth-grade students about how the media misrepresents power and authority. The study included pre- and post-surveys, as well as a PowerPoint lesson and a Q&A session. The lesson was successful in opening the students’ eyes as to how the media misrepresents power, though continued education and research is necessary to further this topic of study. I worked with a research partner to prepare a research plan, gather and analyze data, and present our findings to our peers. The written report, however, is my own work.